Instruments and Equipment


These are my main guitars, although I have others, mainly acoustics that I use, but are on loan to various friends. I am currently exploring developing an acoustic guitar that was designed by my amazing guitar player friend Sam Broussard. Tuned to D and with a .76 for a low E string, this guitar sounds AMAZING!

Tom Anderson Strat
Nelmar Custom Strat

CA Guitar

Ibanez Artcore

Gallagher ragtime Cutaway


I use Stone Picks made by Picks and Stones.

Absolutely Fantastic! Beautiful tone and feel, and they never wear out! I recommend them to anyone looking for a great pick!

All of my guitars for the last 5 years have had the Buzz Feiten Tuning system installed. I cannot play without it!

I am also a Dimarzio Pickups endorsee and use their pickups exclusively.

I also only use Royer ribbon Microphones, for both acoustic and electric guitars.




Amps: Currently I am using a Cornford Hellcat amplifier, a Fuchs 6L6 100 watt ODS Head, a Victoria Sovereign, a Bogner oversized 2x12 openback with Eminencee V12 speakers, a Victoria 1x15 Speaker cabinet, a Victoria 1x12 speaker cabinet, a Victoria 2x12 Speaker cabinet,and a Line6 AX212 amplifier. My pedal Board was built by Jamie Kime in Los Angeles.

My pedals are: Ernie Ball volume, Clyde wah, Digitech Whammy pedal, Keeley compressor, Xotic AC Boost, Voodoo labs Superfuzz, Analogman Clone Chorus, Line6 Tonecore DDL, Yamaha UD Stomp, a Yamaha Magic Stomp,and a Fulltone Fatboost.

Photos coming soon!

My amps:




Protools 24 mix plus system with genelec monitors, lots of toys and pedals and Roland virtual guitar synths and other fun stuff.

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